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Sonni Dyer:
Queens University of Charlotte Head Coach

"JT Rodgers has a wealth of both experience & knowledge in all disciplines of multisport. Whether long-course or short-course, his swim progression strategies are particularly efficient in the relative return on the available time invested. He knows the value of training with power on the bike. He's well equipped to structure a patient & effective run process. I highly recommend, JT!"


Milan Tomin: ITU Professional

"I had the opportunity to work with JT while training at Queens University's triathlon team where he was assistant coach and led & created swim practices. His knowledge combined with experience resulted in one of the best constructed swim plans I followed in my 12-year (semi-professional) triathlon career. The training plan was well thought, practices were interesting and well combined. Besides that, through his passion for sport he was able to motivate me and therefore get more out of me."


Alexander Mundt: ITU / 70.3 Professional

“Coach JT cares. He is in your corner on and off the course. This man always a way to motivate me to “just keep turning on foot over the other”. He was an essential part of kickstarting my triathlon career. Most importantly, he is a great man, and a friend for life!”


Anthony Galaviz: Varsity Collegiate Swimmer, Firefighter

"I first met coach JT back in college when he introduced me to the sport of triathlon.  He helped me choose all of the right equipment for my bike (a sport which I knew nothing of) and helped me go from extreme beginner, to finishing the collegiate nationals olympic distance triathlon in 2:11 in just one year! He is extremely knowledgeable about training, race tactics, tips for race day to perform your best, drills to maximize your race potential. He helps prepare you for every single detail in a race, like having fast transitions, and is a very solid motivator.  So whether you're a beginner or professional triathlete, coach JT offers
great programs personalized to maximize your potential".

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